Flash Fiction – Telling A Lie

She stood with her hand around her throat, panic-stricken, gasping for breath. She was backed against the wall and staring at him as if he had grown a second head.

“You choked me.” She was wide eyed, her chest rising and falling with each breath she was finally able to take. Her head swam with the dizziness of having been without oxygen just moments before.

“Yes, I did and you apparently liked it.” He laughed and lewdly shook his cock at her, a steel rod, dripping wet and glistening in the light. He stalked toward her, tall and menacing, one big hand holding his cock and the other lightly flexing open and closed next to his hip.

“Stay away from me.”

“Oh, come now baby…” his words halted for a moment and then a dark grin crossed his face, giving him the appearance of a laughing devil, with his perfectly trimmed goatee and dark brows “wait… you just DID. Come, that is.” He laughed and continued to approach her.

“Stay away from me.” She repeated and try to slide farther along the wall only to realize that she couldn’t go any farther. She found herself pinned against the wall and dresser with no place to go and him bearing down on her. “Please. I don’t want..”


“Don’t want what, little girl?” He was so close she could see the pulse in his neck, could count the number of times his heart beat in the moments it took for him to say those words and then slide his hand over her hip and pull her lower half against him again, grinding his hard shaft and his balls against her pubic mound, knowing well that he was rubbing along her still pulsing clit. His head lowered until his mouth was near her ear and he growled low, dark, menacing as it vibrated.

She whimpered and halfheartedly tried to pull away from him, turning her head to try to see his face, but his mouth captured hers in a slow, deep kiss and cut off whatever she might have been about to say. She whimpered and sank back against the wall, trying to convey that she wanted him to stop, but he was either not reading her signals or didn’t care. Her hands came to rest against his chest. She felt so small next to him. Hell, she was, at barely 5’1” and maybe 150, with her curvy frame, and he was well over 6 feet and a hundred pounds heavier, though not at all fat. He was thick shouldered and muscular, strong as a bull, and that was what had originally attracted her. Still attracted her, but right now she was trembling so hard all she wanted was him to back off so she could think, and that clearly wasn’t going to happen. He was so maddening. She pushed at his chest, to push him away.

One strong hand grabbed both of hers and lifted her hands above her head. She struggled to get away from him and his other hand slid between her legs and fingers invaded her, sliding up into her and grinding his palm against her clit. She groaned in frustration and admittedly, in need. He had learned quickly how to push her buttons and make her writhe and dance for him. She started to melt and then she remembered his hand holding hers above her head.

“Nnnnghhh NO.” She whimpered and growled and managed to get her mouth away from his. She panted for breath and tried to squirm away, but he lowered his head and wrapped his mouth around a nipple. She was done. He knew what that did to her. He had found the direct line from her nipples to her clit and knew exactly how to pluck that string. She gushed all over his hand. That was the second time he’d made her come in less than an hour, and before she could blink he lifted her hips and was between her legs and inside her again, driving himself between the hard contractions of her inner walls and making her cry out in surprise. She thought her nipples would explode. She arched off the wall, impaled there by his cock and hips and his hand still holding hers above her head. He impaled her, fucking deep inside her and holding there to grind against her insides. He lifted his dark head, locking gazes with her as he felt her quivering around him and knew she was still mid-orgasm, and that made him draw almost all the way out and hold there for just a moment before shoving hard up inside her. She screamed her need, her eyes glazed, nearly blinded by the impact.

“Nnnnnn…Nnnnnnoooooo ohfuck oh damn you……….”

“No, what? No don’t stop fucking me with your big hard cock, Paul.” He mimicked her softly, teasing her as she spoke one thing and her body betrayed her, fucking onto him. He was perfectly still, and grinning like a mad man as her hips did all the work, and the talking. She was making hot, wild circles up and down the length of his shaft and pushing him closer to the point of no return.

“Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!” She whimpered, trembling. Her legs were wrapped high around his waist and she was dripping wet.

His free hand slid over her hip and up her waist, cupping a large, full breast and squeezing. His eyes followed his hand with a deep, dark hunger as it slid up and around her neck once more, sliding lightly, but not squeezing.

“Tell me the truth. Tell me, little girl. Did you enjoy it when I squeezed? Did you like being made to gasp for breath – when I put that little bit of fear in you? Did you, little girl?”

“NO. I don’t. I don’t like it. Please.” She begged and lied and all the while lifted her head and pressed her throat against his hand.

Important Disclaimer:  Breath play is dangerous. Please play safely, sanely, and with consent.


And we have a winner!

Congratulations to Ava at Red Lace Publishing for winning the $20 Amazon gift card and a free copy of Butter My Biscuit: Erotic Stories to Feed Your Lust. Ava entered the contest after reading my interview over at Midnightdream.  I had a great time with the interview. I f you haven’t read it yet, wander over and check it out.

The White Wolf

a short excerpt from Butter My Biscuit: Erotic Stories to Feed Your Lust

She was laying behind him, nestled against his back, her legs bent at the angle with his, with her arm around his chest. She tried to move her arm, to turn over, and true to form, he squeezed his arm against hers, capturing her arm against his side, and would not let her move.

“Where are you going?” He asked.
“Nowhere, apparently” she said with that mischievous voice of hers as she tried again and he tightened once more, not letting her escape.
“You are dreaming,” he said, “You are dreaming you are driving a Ford Model T, but you are not in it, you are outside it, and you are reaching for the crank.”
Finally, after another round of being captured, she got her arm free of him and slid her hand over and down, taking hold of him. He was not at all hard and her hand covered much of him, angled as he was, and she captured him against his sac beneath. As soon as she touched him, he jumped and started making Model T noises. She was giggling, her face buried between his shoulder and the pillow.
“I love you, silly man.”
“I love you, silly girl.” He nudged her with his back and motioned for her to roll over and she did so, and then he was spooned against her, and she cooed, finding herself in that perfect spot that she loved so much. She had always believed they had been made for one another just on how they fit together. His arm rested over her and cupped her right breast, curling between her and the mattress beneath her.
She reached behind, between them, and took hold of him again, this time circling him with her hand and slowly stroking.
“What are you doing?”
“What are you hunting?”
“Well, see, the other day I was bitten by this rare white wolf, and he escaped. But I laid a trap and he came back again. I have captured him, and I have hold of his leash. I cannot let go or he will get away again.”
“Ah. And what will you do with him?”
“Ask him to bite me again.”

And with that, he bent forward and sank his teeth into the muscular part of her shoulder, in much the same place as he had bitten her just days before, while her hand tightened on his leash and dragged him down with her.



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